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Surviving the Holidays

Hey guy, as our last note in surviving the holidays we feel it’s important to be of good cheer. Send a contribution to someone in need, volunteer at a shelter, or contribute to a charity like Toys for Tots. Take a few moments of each day to simply say thank you for what you have. Release anger, bitterness, and resentment. Be like a kid again in how you view the holidays; it will help you live with more wonder and enthusiasm. And, finally, hold each day sacred. The present is the greatest gift of all!

Heres a quick review:

• Eat strategically at parties and holiday gatherings so you don’t go overboard.

• Fill up on fiber-rich foods to keep from overeating.

• Keep track of what you eat during the holidays by writing it down.

• Don’t neglect exercise.

• Use stress-reducing techniques during the holidays.

• Remember the real reason behind the season.

Happy Holidays from Holmes Fitness!

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