This place will change you if you let it.


Our programming has been tried and tested and the results

speak for themselves. We've develop a style of training that's more effective then HIIT training. GRIIT will burn fat from your belly, help you build strength and improve your body compensation. Don't be nervous about the training either. Modifications are allow and encouraged at all time. Your safety is our main priority. START LIVING to be STRONG with us!

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


GRIIT is our goal driven class that will deliver results with intense interval training. In this unique class you will go through a variety of exercises putting you in an optimal calorie burning zone. This is a great class to get started at any fitness level!


Sweat & Core

This 30 minute session is designed to help increase your body’s cardio, tone and define your abs- helping to maintain good posture and a healthy back.

Muscle Up

Challenge yourself with our unique strength training class. Build quality strength through compound movements. If unconventional strength, and building muscle is what you want, this is the class for you. Not for beginners 

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Box & Pound

Box & Pound is boxing and MMA conditioning workout. The goal is to take boxing/MMA standard techniques and go the DISTANCE in an intense interval environment.

Squat Workout

Glute Gains

This 30 minute intense butt session is designed to help you sculpt and shape your buns!

Resting Between Workouts

Mental Focus

Become one with your mind and body with this yoga and strength training hybrid class